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36 Watt LED Grow Light - Screw in Bulb 36 Watt, LED light, plant light, plant lamp, sunshine, growspot, grow light, growing light, LED light, plant light, plant lamp grow light, grow lights, led lights, indoor grow light
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36 Watt LED Grow Light - Screw in BulbThis bulb uses the latest in LED grow light technology to provide your plants with the perfect blend of light for fast & vigorous growth. It covers a wide surface area, able to provide multiple plants with enough light. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Screws into traditional light sockets and using less energy than most popular brands on the market now!Technical Specifications: Power Supply: 100-240VFrequency: 50-60HzLED Qty: 168pcsWavelength: Red:...

4 Tier Growing Rack - Greenhouse for Indoor or Outdoor indoor herb grow rack, plant stand, growing rack
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Indoor / Outdoor Growing Rack & Greenhouse Cover This plant growing rack includes a UV protected clear cover to create a greenhouse environment, shade cover and blackout cover. It is a perfect, all purpose grow rack to help you will all stages of the growing cycle, and is a great way to maintain an indoor garden. It has a small footprint and works well indoors our out, on decks, patios, etc...  Each cover includes zippered panels that provide easy access to your plants inside. ...

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Tree Kit
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Ancient Bristlecone Pine Tree Kit: Includes Seeds Bristlecone Pines have been known to live for over a thousand years. They are incredibly rugged trees and will grow virtually anywhwere, but prefer higher elevations and mountains. When properly cultivated and trimmed, the bristlecone pine can be a beautiful tree. The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Kit is a simple approach to growing this venerated tree from seeds  The kit includes high germination seeds help insure you always get a...

Barnwood Planter Box barn wood, barnwood planter
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Reclaimed Barnwood Indoor Garden Planter This beautiful, rustic planter box is made from recycled / reclaimed barn wood and makes a great mini flower garden or herb garden. Each planter is hand made in the USA from weathered barn wood, and each is completely unique.  Use it indoors or out, and it makes an outstanding gift for any occasion. Each planter comes with a clear plastic drip tray to protect countertops and furniture. Made from weathered recovered barn wood Decorative metal...

Barnwood Planter Flower Garden Kit barn wood planter, reclaimed barnwood planter, wooden flower planter
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Reclaimed Barnwood Planter Flower Kit A complete kit to grow your own flowers from seed right in this rustic reclaimed  barnwood planter. Makes an attractive addition to any deck, windowsill, home, entryway, RV, patio or porch. Choose your own mix of flowers to plant from an assortment of six packets of seed included with the kit. The kit includes planter, drip tray, flower seeds, instructions and pre-fertilized compressed soil disks. All you need to do is add water to the soil to expand...

Barnwood Planter - Culinary Herb Kit
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Reclaimed Barnwood Planter Culinary Herb Kit Grow your own mini cooking herb garden right in your own kitchen. The planter is made from rustic reclaimed barnwood and measures about 15 by 6 inches, with a depth of 4 inches. It is perfect to grow a selection of 1 to 4 herbs of your choice. There is enough seed of each type to plant the whole planter with just the one type if you prefer. Mix and match the herbs of your choice. The weathered barn wood planter makes an attractive addition to any...

Grow Your Own Christmas Tree
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Christmas Tree Growing Kit Start a new and fun family christmas tradition by planting and growing a living Christmas Tree! Everything needed to germinate a Christmas Tree is included, and the Grow Kit is 100% guaranteed. Enjoy the Christmas spirit all year. Christmas Tree kits are ideal stocking stuffers, and thoughtful goodwill gifts for friends and family. Every tree growing kit will produce one or more viable saplings. Each kit includes: Mini Greenhouse Growing Medium Perlite High...

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Kit
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Colorado Blue Spruce Tree Growing Kit with Seeds by Jonsteen Start a majestic Colorado Blue Spruce right from seeds with this easy grow tree kit by Jonsteen Company. You don't need to be an expert to successfully grow a full grown Colorado Blue Spruce.  The kit includes high germination rate, high quality seeds, growing medium, miniature greenhouse, fertilizer and easy to follow instructions.  Blue Spruces are very popular as Christmas trees, and they are very hardy and will grow...

Culinary Herb Assorted Seed Pack
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Culinary Herb Garden Seed Assortment: 12 Cooking Herbs Grow your own culinary herb garden. This seed collection is the perfect way to grow the most common herbs and spices used in cooking. Includes lots of high germination rate seeds of each type.  High quality seeds Packaged for this year Great germination rates Resealed in a mylar pouch to keep safe & dry Includes detailed planting guide & tips Includes plenty of seeds: Parsley Basil Thyme Dill Cilantro / Corriander Sweet...

Culinary Herb eBook on CD herb ebook, herbs ebook
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The Culinary Herb eBook Their Cultivation, Harvesting, Curing and Uses by M.G. Kaine 128 ages. eBook PDF Format on CD This CD is included free with every Herb Starter Kit! Table of Contents: Preface  A Dinner of Herbs  Culinary Herbs Defined  History  Production of New Varieties  Status and Uses  Notable Instance of Uses  Methods of Curing  Drying and Storing  Herbs as Garnishes  Propagation, Seeds  Cuttings  Layers ...

Excalibur Food Dehydrator Model 2400 excalibur, food, dehydrator
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Excalibur 2400 Electric Herb Dehydrator - Food DryerFree Ground Shipping (excluding Hawaii, Alaska & PR)Dehydrators have many uses. After growing your own herbs you can dry them and create special teas and cooking seasonings. It is easy to dry and store herbs for long term storage. Your fresh growin herbs cost a fraction of store bought, and have a stronger flavor intensity that persists in the dried herb. Usually it only takes a few hours to dry your herbs.Excalibur 2400 Dehydrator Features:...

Jonsteen Flowering Dogwood Tree Kit
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Flowering Dogwood Tree Kit: Seeds Included Flowering Dogwoods are beatiful flowering trees that can be found all the way along the eastern half of the United States, and indeed flowering dogwoods are the state trees of Missiouri and Virginia. Dogwoods can reach 25 feet high, and sport beautiful flowers in the spring, and stunning foliage in the autumn. They can be grown anywhere, but do not like soil that is overly damp. Use the Flowering Dogwood Tree Kit by Jonsteen to easily grow these...