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    128 page PDF ebook on CD, by M. G. Kaine. Learn to identify, cultivate, harvest and use all manner of culinary, medicinal and herbal tea herbs. Included free with any herb garden starter kit.


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    The Culinary Herb eBook

    Their Cultivation, Harvesting, Curing and Uses
    by M.G. Kaine
    128 ages. eBook
    PDF Format on CD

    This CD is included free with every Herb Starter Kit!

    Table of Contents:

    • Preface 
    • A Dinner of Herbs 
    • Culinary Herbs Defined 
    • History 
    • Production of New Varieties 
    • Status and Uses 
    • Notable Instance of Uses 
    • Methods of Curing 
    • Drying and Storing 
    • Herbs as Garnishes 
    • Propagation, Seeds 
    • Cuttings 
    • Layers 
    • Division 
    • Transplanting 
    • Implements 
    • Location of Herb Garden 
    • The Soil and Its Cultivation 
    • Double Cropping 
    • Herb Relationships 
    • The Herb List:
      • Angelica 
      • Anise 
      • Balm 
      • Basil 
      • Borage 
      • Caraway 
      • and many, many more
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