The frigid days of winter are quickly passing; it is never too soon to start your beautiful flower garden. Expert gardeners as well as hobby-searching garden novices will agree that our herb, flower, and garden kits are an excellent way to start the gardening season off right! We offer a nice selection of beautiful wildflower seed mixes that will brighten any garden, field or home.

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Barnwood Planter - Flower Garden Kit
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Item #: BP-FK -

Reclaimed Barnwood Planter Flower Kit A complete kit to grow your own flowers from seed right in this rustic reclaimed  barnwood planter. Makes an attractive addition to any deck, windowsill, home, entryway, RV, patio or porch. Choose your own mix of flowers to plant from an assortment of six packets of seed included with the kit. The kit includes planter, drip tray, flower seeds, instructions and pre-fertilized compressed soil disks. All you need to do is add water to the soil to expand...

Giant Sunflowers - Front
Price: $10.45
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Item #: TK-SUN -

Giant Sunflower Growing Kit Enough seeds to sow an entire field of giant sunflowers! High quality, high germination rate giant sunflower seeds, are easy to plant and grow like crazy. Grow large, hearty giant sunflower plants with sturdy stalks and gigantic yellow heads. Stunning as a decorative flower, and produces a mountain of edible sunflower seeds for snacks. Each sunflower kit includes: Great germination rates Easy to follow instructions Every kit will produce tons of beautiful...

Hummingbird Flower Garden
Price: $17.39
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Item #: HGB -

Hummingbird Habitat Scatter Garden Grow a field of sweet nectar producting and colorful flowers that hummingbirds crave! All manner of shapes, sizes and colors of wild flowers in pinks, purples, reds and more that naturally attract hummingbirds. The hummingbird scatter garden has sweet nectar producing wildflower seeds in many different shapes and sizes. Annual wildflowers start blooming 6 to 8 weeks after germination. Perennial wildflowers produce foliage the first year and blooms the next....

Wild Cutting Garden
Price: $17.39
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Item #: WCG -

The Wild Flower Cutting Garden Seed Assortment by Potting Shed Creations An amazing blend of stunning wildflowers. This collection contains thousands of seeds, enough for over 100 square feet of ground. Great for gardens, flowerbeds, open fields, flower pots and planters and more. An astounding variation of beautiful wild flowers. Wildflower seeds included in the wild cutting garden are: Purple coneflower seed Blanket flower Catchfly shasta daisy seed Black-eyed susan Foxglove seed Dame's...

Wild Flowers Seed Kit
Price: $10.45
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Item #: TK-WF -

The Wild Flower Cutting Garden by Potting Shed Creations Thousands of seeds to grow a field of wildflowers. High quality, high germination rate seeds will make you look like a pro. Tips and instructions included in the assortment. Seeds included: Dwarf Sunspot Sunflowers China Asters Annual Gaillardias Bishop's Flowers Dwarf Cosmos African Crackerjack Marigolds Pumila Mix Zinnias Polka Dot Mix Cornflowers Painted Daisies Rocket Larkspurs Shasta Daisies Bird's Eyes Russell Lupines...