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    This complete kit will have you growing your own Giant Sequoia saplings from seed right out of the container. Giant Sequoia's are majestic trees that will grow virtually anywhere in the US.


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    Giant Sequoia Tree Growing Kit: Includes Seeds - By Jonsteen

    The absolute monarch of the tree kingdom, Giant Sequoias are pine trees that have been known to reach 300' tall. When they are smaller they look like good solid, well shaped evergreens. They are hardy and will grow in virutally any climate in the US. They make great christmas trees.

    The complete kit by Jonsteen Company is the perfect way to grow these majestic trees from seeds. Each kit has everything you will need, including high quality seeds with great germination rates. You don't have to be a pro to grow these amazing wonders of nature.

    Giant Sequoia Tree Kit

    Each Sequoia tree growing kit includes:

    • Mini green house
    • Grow medium
    • Perlite fertilizer
    • Seeds: great germination
    • Simple to follow directions
    Each Giant Sequoia grow kit can produce more than one viable sapling. Try any of our other tree kits. Planting trees is great becasuse:
    • Sequoia trees can last for generations.
    • Trees are beautiful and enhance your landscape
    • Mother nature will thank you

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