All the supplies you need to keep growing your own indoor herb garden. Here you will find extra growing pellets, LED lights to help you grow indoors, heating mats, and reference materials. We have also included extra packets of herb seeds if you need to supplement your kit.

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14 watt growing light
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14w LED Panel Growing Light by Handy PantryLED grow lights provide the ideal plant growth spectrum to your herbs and plants. Plants don't absorb the middle part of light spectrum (green / yellow) which is why plants look green. Plants thrive on the ends of the spectrum (reds and blues). The 14 w by Handy Pantry provides exactly the spectrum plants love. We have never seen plants as healthy and green as those grown with these LED lights. The 14 w panel is the lower end of the grow lights we...

36 Watt LED Grow Light - Screw in Bulb 36 Watt, LED light, plant light, plant lamp, sunshine, growspot, grow light, growing light, LED light, plant light, plant lamp grow light, grow lights, led lights, indoor grow light
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36 Watt LED Grow Light - Screw in BulbThis bulb uses the latest in LED grow light technology to provide your plants with the perfect blend of light for fast & vigorous growth. It covers a wide surface area, able to provide multiple plants with enough light. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Screws into traditional light sockets and using less energy than most popular brands on the market now!Technical Specifications: Power Supply: 100-240VFrequency: 50-60HzLED Qty: 168pcsWavelength: Red:...

4 Tier Growing Rack - Greenhouse for Indoor or Outdoor indoor herb grow rack, plant stand, growing rack
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Indoor / Outdoor Growing Rack & Greenhouse Cover This plant growing rack includes a UV protected clear cover to create a greenhouse environment, shade cover and blackout cover. It is a perfect, all purpose grow rack to help you will all stages of the growing cycle, and is a great way to maintain an indoor garden. It has a small footprint and works well indoors our out, on decks, patios, etc...  Each cover includes zippered panels that provide easy access to your plants inside. ...

50 Watt LED Grow Light Panel led, grow, light, panel
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MicroGlow 50 Watt LED Blue / Red Spectrum Grow Light by Handy Pantry LED grow lights are the perfect way to provide supplemental light or even the exculsive light source for indoor growing. LED plant growth lights use only the red and blue spectrum (plants don't absorb the middle yellow and green parts of the light spectrum) for maximum efficiency and yield. LED grow lights will help your plants grow faster, bigger, greener and healthier than even sunlight. You will be amazed. Best of all they...

Barnwood Planter Box barn wood, barnwood planter
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Reclaimed Barnwood Indoor Garden PlanterThis beautiful, rustic planter box is made from recycled / reclaimed barn wood and makes a great mini flower garden or herb garden. Each planter is hand made in the USA from weathered barn wood, and each is completely unique. Use it indoors or out, and it makes an outstanding gift for any occasion. Each planter comes with a clear plastic drip tray to protect countertops and furniture. Made from weathered recovered barn wood Decorative metal flange at...

Jiffy Greenhouse Dome with Pellets starter, greenhouse, green, house, mini, jiffy
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Jiffy 7 All In One Greenhouse Dome Choose Your Option: 42 MM Diameter Pellets - Includes 25 Pellets 36 MM Diameter Pellets - Included 36 Pellets - OUT OF STOCK Includes Jiffy 7 Seed Starter Pellets Use the jiffy greenhouse as the perfect way to start your seedlings indoors before the growing season. A great way to get a jump on growing! Made specifically to work with Jiffy 7 peat seed starter pellets, the greenhouse dome channels water and accommodates the expanded seed starter...

jiffy pellets for growing
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Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets - Seed Starting Plug SystemChoose Your Option: 42 MM Diameter Pellets36 MM Diameter Pellets The jiffy seed starting system makes it easy to start seedlings indoors and transplant directly with minimal shock or root damage. The jiffy pellet is made of carefully selected sphagnum peat that is placed in a biodegradable netting and then is dry-compressed into a pellet. All you need to do is add water to expand back to regular size and sow your seeds. Once your seedling is...

Mesh Tea Ball Infuser infuser, tea ball, mesh tea infuser
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Friends 2-Cup Tea Mesh Ball InfuserThis re-usable mesh tea ball is made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. It is 2" in diameter and the hemispheres open easily and close securely. Large enough to steep herbs for one person or two. Great for tea with a friend. Just your herbs inside and and steep. Dishwasher safe Durable & reusable 2 inch diameter Makes 1 or two cups of tea Perfect for steeping all types of herbal teas ...

Mini Greenhouse Nanodome nanodome, mini-greenhouse dome, sunblaster
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Mini Greenhouse Nanodome By Sunbaster Mini Greenhouse Plant Propagation System Includes adjustable air vents 18 Inch flourescent growing lamp Sturdy 10" x 20" Plant Tray Great for growing an indoor herb garden The Sunblaster NanoDome is the perfect way to grow indoors.  The standard 10" x 20" growing tray can be used with either soil or hydroponic grow mediums. The clear plastic dome includes air vents and houses the grow lamp.  The full spectrum grow lamp is...

Stack and Grow Terra Cotta
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Stack & Grow Stackable Garden Planter Choose from Five Exciting Colors: Terracotta Sand Red Green Black Imagine your deck, balcony, patio or anywhere in your home! Plant colorful flowers, cooking herbs, medicinal herbs, herbal tea herbs, a strawberry patch, cactus garden or even a vertical garden. The Stack & Grow planter beautifully displays whatever you grow in a durable, stacking garden planter. The stack & grow comes with removable casters and can be easily rolled indoors or...

T-Sacs Loose Tea Filter Bags tea sack, tea bag, tea filter
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100 Tea Filtration Bags by T-Sac Made from all natural wood cellulose for fine filtration of your teas and steeped herbs. Box of 100 single serve filter sacks. Box of 100 single serve tea filter bags Heat sealable (use an iron) each pouch makes about 1 cup of tea 9 cm by 6.25 cm Not bleached ...

Wonder Soil - Compressed Soil Bricks wondersoil, wonder soil
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Compressed Soil Bricks by WonderSoil Perfect grow medium for herbs! Pack of ten 4" compressed soil disks. Just add water and each disk expands into about 7 cups of rich soil when you add just 2 to 3 cups of water  Ten disks will expand into about 4 gallons of oil when you add about a gallon and a half of water. This pack of 10 is called the "tomato log" because the soil is pre-ammended and an ideal grow medium for tomato plants, but works amazingly well for all types of...