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    The Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree Kit the perfect, inexpensive way to start growing ornamental Bonsai trees. Kit includes seeds, mini-greenhouse, grow medium, fertilizer and step-by-step instructions.


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    Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree Kit with Seeds

    The Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree Kit is all you need to start growing and cultivating your own beautiful, ornamental bonsai trees from seeds. The kit includes directions, supplies and high quality seeds with a strong germination rate. You will be growing your own bonsais in no time.

    The Japanese Black Pine Bonsai is a slow growing miniature tree that is highly prized for it's ornamental appeal. It can be sculpted through it's entire life, right from sprouting from the seed. The Black Pine species is paricularly sought after by bonsai growers for it's many desirable characteristics and its ability to be sculpted and shaped. The best choice for those starting with bonsais.

    Bonsai Tree Kit

    Each Bonsai kit includes:

    • Miniature Greenhouse
    • Growth Medium
    • Perlite Plant Fertilizer
    • Bonsai Seeds - High Germ
    • Easy to Follow Instructions.
    Every Bonsai tree growing kit will produce one or more viable specimens. Try any of our other tree kits. There are many reasons to plant a tree:
    • Beautiful Ornamental Trees.
    • A fascinating hobby
    • Incredible conversation pieces
    • Fun, fun and... fun!

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