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jiffy pellets for growing
Price: $9.95-$192.60

Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets - Seed Starting Plug SystemChoose Your Option: 42 MM Diameter Pellets36 MM Diameter Pellets The jiffy seed starting system makes it easy to start seedlings indoors and transplant directly with minimal shock or root damage. The jiffy pellet is made of carefully selected sphagnum peat that is placed in a biodegradable netting and then is dry-compressed into a pellet. All you need to do is add water to expand back to regular size and sow your seeds. Once your seedling is...

Jiffy Greenhouse Dome with Pellets starter, greenhouse, green, house, mini, jiffy
Price: $12.95

Jiffy 7 All In One Greenhouse Dome Choose Your Option: 42 MM Diameter Pellets - Includes 25 Pellets 36 MM Diameter Pellets - Included 36 Pellets - OUT OF STOCK Includes Jiffy 7 Seed Starter Pellets Use the jiffy greenhouse as the perfect way to start your seedlings indoors before the growing season. A great way to get a jump on growing! Made specifically to work with Jiffy 7 peat seed starter pellets, the greenhouse dome channels water and accommodates the expanded seed starter...