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    Grow your own ornamental and beautiful Ginkgo Biloba trees right from the seeds. This kit contains everything you will need including seeds, instructions grow medium, fertilizer and even mini-greenhouse.

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    Jurassic Ginkgo Biloba Tree Kit: Includes Seeds

    by Jonsteen Company

    The Ginkgo Biloba Tree Kit makes growing Ginkgo trees from see fast, fun and easy. The kit includes everything you will need including high quality seeds with a great germination rate, fertilizer, grow medium, green house, and step-by-step directions. So easy a first timer can do it. Makes a great hobby or interesting science project.

    The Ginkgo Biloba tree has perservered since the Jurassic era, over 200 million years, and it's still going strong. These trees can reach over one hundred feet in height, but are favored for their ornamental qualities while they are still small. They are slow growers so they last quite a while in their indoor ornamental stage.

    Ginko Tree Kit

    Each Ginkgo Tree kit includes:

    • Greenhouse
    • Grow medium
    • Fertilizer - Perlite
    • Seeds - Great germination
    • Detailed directions
    Every Jurassic Ginkgo Biloba tree kit can produce several healthy saplings. Check out our other tree kits. There are many reasons to grow a tree:
    • Trees can last for generations
    • A great family activity
    • Trees are beautiful
    • Mother nature likes it when you plant trees!
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