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    MicroGlow LED grow lights are the perfect way to provide light to your plants (exclusively or as supplemental). This 45 watt growing light covers 5 to 12 Square Feet of growing area, emits no heat, and uses very little electricity.


    MicroGlow 45 Watt LED Blue / Red Spectrum Grow Light by Handy Pantry

    MicroGlow LED grow lights are the perfect way to provide supplemental light or even the exculsive light source for indoor growing. LED plant growth lights use only the red and blue spectrum (plants don't absorb the middle yellow and green parts of the light spectrum) for maximum efficiency and yield. LED grow lights will help your plants grow faster, bigger, greener and healthier than even sunlight. You will be amazed. Best of all they use a fraction of the electricity of traditional grow lights, emit no heat and will last for over 50,000 hours of use with no need to replace bulbs. The MicroGlow 45w is our most popular LED grow light and will cover 5 feet of growing area as primary light when hung about 36 inches above the plants.


    • Uniformly Covers 5 Sq. Ft. in primary lighting (36" Height)
    • Covers up to 12 Sq. Ft. as secondary lighting (Hung 6 to 8 feet)
    • 12 in X 12 in X 1.2 in. - 1.5 Lbs
    • 5 to 10x more efficient than HID lamps
    • Low power consumption 95% energy efficient
    • No replacement bulbs needed - 50,000 hour life cycle
    • Better for the environment
    • Suitable for all types of growing: Soil based, hydroponic, aeroponic
    • Greens fast, increases yeild and speeds growth
    • Good for all stages of plant growth
    • Produces almost no heat
    • Uniform, wide angle coverage
    • Hanging kit included

    Technical Specifications:

    • Wattage Power - 45w
    • Red to Blue LED Ratio: 9:5
    • LEDs - 110 bulbs
    • Socket - 110 Voltage - US Standard
    • Beam Angle - 180 Degree
    • Dimensions - 12.20" x 12.20" x 2.36"
    • Working Temp - 68 F. ~ 104 F.
    • Working Time - 10-14 Hours / Day
    • Net Weight - Approx. 2 LBs
    • Warranty - 1 year


    • Recommended height above plants - 3 feet as primary lighting. 6 to 8 feet as supplemental lighting
    • Coverage area: Five Sq. Ft primary, 12 Sq. Ft. Supplemental.
    • Recommended Lighting Time:
      • Vegetative Stage: 14 - 16 hours / day
      • Flowering Stage: 10 to 12 hours / day

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:


    I want to thank you for your advice and fast delivery. I grow carnations and orchids. I took your advice and replaced a 250 Watt HID with your GlowPanel 45. I'm convinced. Come winter I will be completely switching to LED grow lights.


    We love peppers. So far we have grown jalapenos, habaneros and bell peppers with our GlowPanel 45. Our kids like to help out and it's a great way to introduce them to plants and biology. We feel safe letting them get close since there is no heat (but they wear sunglasses). Thanks for a great product.