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    Pippino mushrooms are a great choice for italian cooking. Grow your own for maximum flavor and freshness with this mushroom growing kit that includes detailed, easy instructions. Fun and delicious. Certified Organic.


    Pioppino Mushroom Patch: Growing Kit

    One of the most popular mushrooms in Italy an italian cooking the Pioppino mushroom has a mellow, tasty flavor. A great choice for virtually any italian recipe that calls for mushrooms.  Pioppinos are beautiful with interesting stems and caps. The pioppino growing kit includes everything you need to grow your own, including easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. Pioppinos grow well in temperatures between 50 & 70 degrees F. 
    • Organic
    • Great science project or hobby
    • Complete kit
    • Yeilds delicious mushrooms ideal for italian cooking
    • Mushroom Kits cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii