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    Grow your own edible, organic shiitake mushrooms. This mushroom patch is a complete shiitake growing kit that will yeild between 2 and 3 pounds of mushrooms. Fun and easy to grow. Certified Organic.


    Shiitake Mushroom Patch - Certified Organic

    • Easy, fun & healthy
    • Fun hobby
    • Each patch produces several harvests
    • Yeild 2 to 3 pounds of shiitakes 
    • Certified 100% Organic
    • Mushroom Kits cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii
    Grow your own Japanese shiitakes with this kit. Easy to grow right out of the box. You will be able to enjoy your own fresh grown shiitake mushrooms in your cooking. Compared to dried mushrooms, fresh shiitakes are amazing! Preserved them by drying, pickling or freezing. This mushroom patch will produce fresh shiitakes for about 16 weeks, with regular harvests at about 2 week intervals. Kit includes humidity tent, detailed instructions and mycelium infused substrate (sawdust and wood chips).  Makes a great gift idea.  

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    My mom's friend bought this kit. Rather than buying shiitake mushrooms every week, she's saving a lot of money. Plus, it tastes fantastic in miso soup!