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    Grow your own herbal tea garden! Twelve varieties of high germination rate seeds and detailed instructions. Seeds include: Fever Few, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Orange Gem Marigold, Angelica, Anise & more.


    Collection of 12 Herbal Tea Herb Seeds

    Imagine having your own herb garden filled with herbal tea herbs. This seed assortment includes carefully selected herb tea herbs that are beautiful, fragrant and make delicious fresh herbal teas. Dry the herbs for long term storage, or steep them fresh! Each collection comes sealed in a mylar pouch to keep them dry and safe. Includes detailed step by step instructions. 
    • High germination rates
    • Plenty of seeds
    • Much cheaper than retail stores
    • Includes detailed instructions
    • Seeds include:
      • Lemon Balm
      • Catnip
      • Angelica
      • Lemon Grass
      • Rosemary
      • Peppermint
      • Anise
      • German Chamomile
      • Fever Few
      • Lavender
      • Marigold
      • Lemon Bergamot

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