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    Grow your own indoor garden of healing herbs. This combo includes the medicinal herb kit and stacking planter available in five colors. It's your end to end solution for indoor vertical container gardening of medical herbs.
    Tuscany Terra Cotta Black Stone

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    Medicinal Herb Garden Kit & Stackable Garden Planter Combo

    Herbs are renoun for their healing properties, and our medical herb kit and stacking planter combo are the perfect way to grow your own medicninal herbs indoors and enjoy mother nature's healing medicine all year long. The combo includes everything you need to start growing medicinal herbs right from seeds all the way to transplanting and growing in our amazing hanging & stacking planter. Grow indoors our out, all year long.  Makes a wonderful hobby or gift for any occasion.

    Combo Includes:
    • Mini Garden Stackable & Hangable Planter - This attractive planter can be used indoors or out. Grow your herb garden on countertop, floor, hung anywhere, deck, window sill, patio, entryway or anyplace. The planter comes in 5 colors and has a small footprint (2 feet high, but eleven inches in diameter, six inch deep cups). It stacks 3 levels high and comes with a hanging chain. It has twelve planting pockets to easily accomodate all your herb plants.
    • Medicinal Herb Garden Kit - Includes 50 jiffy peat seed starter pellets and a green house dome. Herb eBook on disk and step by step instruction sheet. Enough herb seeds for multiple plantings: milk thistle, echinacea, yarrow, peppermint, St. Johnswort, german chamomile, fever few, burdock, valerian, lemon balm, astragalus & cayenne. 
    This combo is all you need to earn your green thumb as a vertical indoor gardener of healing herbs. It's a great hobby and gift for that person who is hard to shop for.