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    The hangable food pantrie is the perfect solution for drying fruits, vegetables and jerky for a fraction of the cost of electric dehydrators. Use the drying power of air and sun for healthy food perservation.

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    Food Pantrie: Hanging Non-Electric Food Dehydrator

    The hanging food pantrie is an innovative non-electric food dryer that makes a great addition to any food storage. It is collapsible, and easy to use. At a price of roughly 60% less than the cheapest electric dehydrator and no electrical expense the Hanging Pantrie is easy on the wallet.
    • Dry foods inexpensively and naturally
    • Non-electric - dry foods with air and/or sunlight
    • Hanging - Indoors or outdoors
    • Inexpensive - Costs a fraction of an electric, and no electricity expense
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Perfect addition to long term food storage
    • Fruits, vegetables, jerky
    • Can also be used to grow wheatgrass
    • Perfect for drying herbs for long term storage
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